Stepper take responsibility seriously

Stepper take responsibility seriously

Eyecare can no longer only consider its responsibility in terms of benefitting an individual’s vision needs. Throughout the supply chain it is crucial the industry is aware of its impact on environmental and social issues too, taking measures to deliver the best solutions wherever it can. STEPPER EYEWEAR is on a journey to improve its performance on wherever its impact is felt. This ranges from the use of recyclable materials, where beneficial, to the wellbeing of the communities within its sphere of influence.

‘Improving total responsibility through the supply chain is a conscious ambition of STEPPER EYEWEAR,’ comments Peter Reeve, Managing Director, STEPPER UK Limited. ‘We are committed to delivering the best eyewear in a way that balances the needs of good vison and wearer comfort whilst being sensitive to our impact on the environment and aware of the social impact of our organisation.’

From creating durable frames that discourage a ‘throw away’ attitude to eyewear, using materials and processes that minimise waste to improving the wellbeing of our employees and their families, STEPPER EYEWEAR seeks improving performance.

‘We take a 360-degree view of our responsibility, where all areas of our sphere of influence are important and are determined to make real progress,’ adds Peter.
Visible results of this policy can be seen in the use of recyclable materials in the packaging and protection of frames in transit with the most recent introduction of an innovative recyclable delivery box for individual frames (being introduced progressively during 2021).

These new boxes are created from a single piece of card allowing for minimal space required in transit and storage. They are self-fastening with clever cardboard engineering without the need for glue.

The broad view of STEPPER EYEWEAR’s ongoing RESPONSIBILITY commitment is available to download from the homepage of the company website

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