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The National Eyecare Group is the UK’s largest purchasing group for UK independent opticians and has been supporting opticians across the UK since 1979. By using the strength of over 1000 members, we can offer preferential purchasing terms to all of our members that would not be achievable as single practices.

In addition to great prices, members benefit from a single billing system that has all your suppliers on one monthly statement allowing you to spend more time with your patients and not your paperwork.

Unlike many other organisations, we don’t charge a joining or subscription fee, however, we do charge a management fee of 5% on some purchases made through the Group, although these fees are only payable on around half of our suppliers; with the rest there is no charge. But don’t worry, the discounts you will enjoy by being a member of the Group will more than cover any additional fees. We also don’t demand a minimum spend level either, so if you decide to use us for one supplier or 100, that’s completely up to you – after all it’s your practice.



Optinet software is the IT division of the National Eyecare Group and has been developing practice management software for over 25 years.

The latest version is Optinet FLEX, which offers an easy to use interface, but with the power needed to run a modern optical practice.

FLEX covers all aspects of the day to day running of your practice from patient records and diary, through to full clinical records and everything in between.

If you have more than one site or would like to work away from your practice, Optinet FLEX+ offers you the ultimate solution, enabling multi locations to be worked on from one or many sites, including making diary appointments, moving stock, viewing business intelligence or simply finishing your patient referrals from the comfort of your own home.

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There are no joining or subscription fees and no minimum spend, so if you’d like to find out more about the group, click the button below.
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