Hygienic and sustainable – A winning combination from Menicon

Hygienic and sustainable – A winning combination from Menicon

“Wash your hands!” Most of us remember the reminder from parents to children the world over. But as we approach the first anniversary of the global pandemic, the importance of hygiene has never been more in focus. Hygiene compliance was a known issue pre-Covid with 49% admitting to not washing their hands before touching their lenses. Hopefully that figure has now dropped, given higher awareness levels about virus and bacteria transmission via touch. However, the good news is that Menicon has been at the forefront of hygiene innovation for decades. And this commitment is clearly evident in terms of its innovative packaging.

Take the 1day Menicon Flat Pack product – a daily disposable contact lens. It offers a unique combination of all-day comfort, hygienic handling and convenience that has struck a chord with wearers.
The Smart TouchTM packaging (see image) means that the inner surface of the lens remains untouched during application because the wearer only touches the outer surface of the lens. This attracts 3x less bacterial contamination compared to conventional packaging – both in vitro and in vivo. Studies by University of New South Wales, Australia have validated this.1

So how does clever packaging improve wearer hygiene?

Menicon’s Andrew Ferguson explains: “On opening the foil, the lens presents with the outer surface facing outwards. This means it is always facing up and the lens is easy to remove in one smooth motion with no confusion about orientation. This makes it far less likely that oil or harmful micro-organisms will end up trapped between the lens and the eye of the wearer.”

Results from studies shows that – when removed as directed – a 3x reduction in the amount of bacterial contamination can be achieved compared to contact lenses packaged in a standard blister pack.
This lens also provides superb all-day comfort and makes the process of wearing and handling hassle-free. To see just how easy it is click the more info link below and watch the video

There are clear sustainability benefits too. The packaging of Miru 1day Flat pack is just 1mm thick, with strong environmental credentials that, at launch, were years ahead of its time. And this approach to sustainability is evident at a global level. Menicon has signed up to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

1Evaluation of Diminished Microbial Contamination in Handling of a Novel Daily Disposable Flat Pack Contact Lens, M Nomachi et al, Eye & Contact Lens, Vol 39, No 3, May 2013


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