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At this time of the year many of us review our business plans and see what needs to done to improve areas or make changes to save money

A common area to look at this time of year is marketing your practice, so make sure you check out Practice Buddy and Specs Network.

If you are looking to save money it’s worth speaking to Acceptcards, who already save many of our members hundreds of pounds on the merchant card transactions, so give them a call and they will show you how much you can save, tel: 01422 382818.

Not collecting payments via direct debit yet? Well 2015 could be the year to start by signing up to OPS (Optical Payment Service). OPS is paperless and all on line so making it really easy to set up for patients and even easier for you control. It’s a great way of not only collecting payments for CL patients, but for Dry eye treatment packages or even professional fees. Even if you already collect payments via DD, you might find that OPS offers a more efficient, cost effective option. More details can be found in the members area of this web site, along with the details of all of the above options