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New-look MyAlcon website places opticians at the heart of the user experience

Industry leading eye care brand Alcon have this week launched their new website, signalling an exciting move into a more all-encompassing, optician centric model. Informed by the brand’s core principles of training and supporting opticians; supporting and growing their businesses, and providing them with product choice, the website is a central hub for Alcon’s wealth of useful resources and information.

Jonathon Bench, Head of Professional Affairs at Alcon explains, ‘The launch of the new and improved MyAlcon website is a conscious shift towards a more inclusive, user friendly experience. By placing opticians, and their patients, at the heart of the journey, the site provides them with the necessary tools and resources to enable the most effective implementation of Alcon’s philosophy.’
As the global leader in eyecare, Alcon is committed to providing patients with optimal care the minute they walk through the opticians’ door, and providing opticians and their practice teams with the best training and resources prior to that point, makes that aim more achievable. Among the key services described on the new platform are Alcon’s unique InContact® service, enabling optician practices to offer online ordering, home delivery and subscription programmes; and the EasyOnline® customer-ordering platform.
‘This is a website that has been built by opticians, for opticians and their teams.’ Jonathon adds. ‘We want to continue to develop the content towards a more personalised and user friendly offering and invite opticians and their teams to visit regularly to benefit from new and updated content.’