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NEG announces launch of exclusive label contact lens portfolio: mediflex®

National Eye Care Group has secured an agreement with contact lens manufacturer CooperVision to offer NEG members access to a new and exclusive brand, mediflex®. The mediflex® portfolio includes CooperVision’s leading daily disposable lenses, monthly disposable lenses and lens care solutions, all designed to improve patient retention and build practice success. CooperVision’s research demonstrates that private label contact lenses encourage patient loyalty1, help drive spectacle sales2 and generate greater income for practices2. Additional research from the recent COVID lockdown of Spring 2020 highlighted a strong link between online patient loyalty and private label.3

Private label may be desirable for many practices yet may be out-of-reach for small-to-medium sized businesses because of minimum order volumes required to justify such exclusivity. NEG have worked with CooperVision to find a solution: mediflex®.

Through the collective buying power of NEG, the mediflex® brand is now available exclusively to NEG members: designed to help your practice retain more patients and improve business revenue.
NEG have also worked with CooperVision to create a comprehensive practice support package for store owners, Eye Care Practitioners and front of house staff to get the mediflex® portfolio up and running, and a programme of continued business development support thereafter. Launch support includes a practice how-to guide, in-practice tools, in-store promotional material, website and social media assets and patient communications; all designed to help you engage with and retain more patients, building long-term practice success.

Members can join one of CooperVision’s 30-minute introductory webinars – details emailed on 1st February – or you can contact your CooperVision Business Development Manager today.

NEG announces launch of exclusive label contact lens portfolio: mediflex®
NEG announces launch of exclusive label contact lens portfolio: mediflex®

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