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Alcon makes significant investments in customer advertising

Alcon®, has announced it will be continuing to invest in the multifocal category in 2018, with an additional £750,000 going to a variety of direct-to-consumer promotional activities. Driving the multifocal category in 2018, the advertising campaign will educate 40-55 year old patients about presbyopia and multifocal contact lenses. Taking place until the end of March, Alcon’s investment will see it commence a range of consumer advertising including digital and promotional support, in-practice display materials and education tools. Following extensive research undertaken to understand the 40+ consumer lifestyle, Alcon has carefully planned its media activity to ensure the target audience are reached in the most relevant places and at the right times.

Driven by this insight, Alcon’s DAILIES TOTAL1® Multifocal will be viewed over 9 million times on catch-up TV and YouTube. Advertising banners will be placed on popular websites such as economist.com, bbcgoodfood.com and moneyexpert.com, providing a further 6.2 million views. What’s more, adverts will also appear on Google Search, with the potential of an extra 1.7 million views, and all activity will be reaffirmed through Facebook educating consumers on the signs of presbyopia and providing more information on multifocal contact lenses.
All potential patients will be directed to wearlenses.co.uk or wearlenses.ie to find their local optician and download a voucher offering them a contact lenses trial and £20 off their first 3-month purchase. The promotion will run until 30th April 2018.

Alcons investment for this year doesn’t stop there. Alcon have also announced significant investment into driving the 16–24 year old new wearer’s category this year. The news follows extensive research that Alcon commissioned, which identified the sector as a massive growth opportunity for opticians.
The research undertaken revealed key insights into the market including how only 8 percent of glass wearers in Europe use contact lenses and that 35 percent of under 24 year olds would like to try lenses in the future . This evidence has led Alcon to renew its focus on promoting the new wearers market, supporting opticians in maximising this opportunity.
Initially, Alcon’s investment will launch in Germany, with a new “My First Lenses” consumer campaign which was announced at this year’s Opti-Munich exhibition, the annual international trade event that showcases the latest in optics and design.
“We believe that our new campaign will appeal to Generation Y and Z consumers who are currently in their teenage/young adult years and are looking to live their life at their best! This targeted digital advertising campaign can strongly resonate with our audience and increase awareness on the convenience of contact lenses“, said Christian Jayet, General Manager, Alcon Pharma GmbH Germany. “The advert shows that with DAILIES® AquaComfort PLUS® they can experience a whole day of refreshing comfort with contact lenses to enjoy exciting and fun activities!”
Following the announcement by Alcon Germany at Opti-Munich, Alcon UK will launch this campaign in 2018 with further updates to be revealed in the coming months

Alcon makes significant investments in customer advertising
Alcon makes significant investments in customer advertising

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