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Alcon® adds three new updates to digital platform InContact to benefit practices and patients

Alcon, the global leader in eye care and a division of Novartis, has announced it will be adding three new features to its digital platform InContact. Aiming to help businesses grow their patient base and online presence, the update will add subscription benefits for both patients and practices

InContact, launched in 2017, is a digital service offered to independent eye care
professionals, allowing them to connect with contact lens wearers across the UK. Linking
optical businesses with patients, the platform enables practitioners to provide enhanced
customer care and support, building stronger relationships between patients and their local
optician, as well as helping practices grow. Demonstrating Alcon’s commitment to
independent customers as well as increasing the online presence of independent practices,
the InContact upgrade will consist of three new subscription benefits including: ‘Aftercare
recall’, ‘Invite new and existing patients’ and ‘New notification e-mail’.
‘Aftercare recall’ serves to ensure that both patients and practitioners are kept informed and
notified when an aftercare appointment is due. Furthermore, this new update assures
professionals that patients cannot order contact lenses through www.wearlenses.co.uk if
their aftercare appointment is overdue. This process ensures safe procedures, constant
communication and efficient eyecare.
‘Invite new and existing patients’ is an exciting new feature which supports attracting and
retaining customers whilst offering additional communication between patients and
professionals. The function allows opticians to invite new and existing patients to InContact,
encouraging increased orders and re-purchases. Both new and existing patients can benefit
from buying contact lenses on a 24/7 basis or use the subscription for regular payments and

Finally, ‘New notification e-mail’ will give opticians instant visibility of new patients who have
registered with their practice on www.wearlenses.co.uk. The notification e-mail acts as a
gentle reminder for patients but greatly serves the optician in identifying new and potential
patients. Creating a clear, simple and direct line of communication between patient and
professional, the feature ensures the potential patient feel valued whilst giving opticians the
opportunity to increase their volume of patients.
Ray Pasko, Business Unit Head of Vision Care at Alcon, comments: “Launched as a
platform to help optical businesses build their practices by expanding their online footprint,
our InContact service has been key in helping opticians create long-term relationships with
their patients through increased options to meet their patients’ buying preferences. These
latest updates take this service to the next level, providing practices with more opportunities
to communicate with and manage their patient base.”