First to market

First to market

There is no doubt that optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an increasingly important part of the modern optometric practice. Even though the technology has existed since 1991 it has only taken off in routine optometric practice since the introduction of spectral domain technology. SD-OCT was first described in 2001 and the world first commercially available SD-OCT was used in 2006, namely the COPERNICUS, by Optopol Technology.

In keeping with such a pedigree Optopol are further leading the way in utilising SD-OCT technology to expand the role of OCT by providing world first measurement and analysis capabilities, such as OCT-B (OCT Biometry) and T-OCT (OCT Topography).

The very latest REVO series of OCT provide unsurpassed speed, ease of use and produces very high-quality tomograms. All REVO scan protocols, including Retina, Central, Disc, Widefield Macula & Disc, Anterior-angle to angle, Angio, Biometry, Topography, Colour Fundus can be selected and saved as required to create your own user defined protocols. At the touch of a start button all required scans are taken thanks to the full automation of the system, whilst a voice prompt guides the patient through the scan process. Semi auto mode is available for abnormal refractive errors and pathologies.

The space saving design allows both operator and patient to sit on the same side aiding easier communication, during and after the scans.

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